We decided to start posting paying attention to those partners that make every trail, rock and root a unequalled adventure. In your backyard, in some urban park or during a ride through the mountains with your mates, our bikes make us discover fun, speed and emotion where other people just see mud, rocks and danger.

I spent many years without riding, the last bike I had was stolen, from the first moment I saw the lock broken on the street I sigh for the next moment I’d be able to buy a new one and go out and ride, but times are not good for business, economic crisis makes any budget decrease and it’s hard to choose. After years seeking in shops, flyers, catalogs, websites, talk to friends, etc… finally I started seeing the lights at the end of the tunnel. Unexpectedly after I went to a bike shop for a photographic matter i saw a MMR Woki among other GIANT bikes. I asked the owner about it, because at first sight it looked way more expensive than the other one. It looked more expensive by its geometry, paint, design and most of all for the parts.

It was s surprise when the bike shop owner told me it was cheaper than GIANT. How was it possible? It is a Spanish brand, from a small company that tried to offer nice quality for a competitive price. Searching the internet forums rated the brand in a good level, the most repeated sentence was “best value”. Then I saw myself reflected, as an entrepreneur hoping to be supported, with a good idea and wanting to develop it. Then I didn’t hesitate and I don’t regret so far. Not as an unconditional fan but as a convert. MMR Woki has surprised me on its agility. Can a low ranked bike really initiate you? get you fun? or even make you a better rider? Yes

During the year I have with the bike I’ve become addicted to ride again. Even don’t feel envy of some more expert colleagues. I’ve been as fast as them, climbed the same places, gone downhill the same trails and had loads of fun in sketchy trails where pines pass close to your nose. I’ve also fallen, even harming myself and I can say the bike was less hurt than me. Haven’t even had a flat tire.

And I have found in lost places other bikers stopping me to ask something about the bike, how it goes, what’s my experience with it. This post is the answer.

Soon I’ll post again, a long version of the video with my other mile eater mate. We’ll share our tracks and invite you to share yours. We’ll try to approach the tours from the professional (photography and video) point of view we have and of course from the mountain bike fans we are.


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